Build Your Own Tour

At Monu Tours India we work very closely to give you the best trip of your life. We want you to see as much of India that you desire, and we want make sure that you are safe and have every opportunity to enjoy your trip to India.

If you are looking for a total India travel package, a Varanasi tour, Varanasi day trip, or private tours to the Golden Triangle, we have it all.

Monu Tours India also has a special service for solo female travelers as well as all female groups.

At Monu Tours India, we know that every person is different and every experience is different. We work to give you the unique experience that you are looking for.  No journey is too long for Monu Tours India.  

Whether it’s a:

  • Sunrise or sunset boat ride on the Ganges

  • Walk along the Holy Ghats

  • Rajdari Devdari Waterfall
  • Chandrapradha Wildlife Santuary
  • Chunar Fort
  • Visit an Indian Village

  • Car Tour

  • Gourmet Tour

  • Guru Session

  • Yoga Class

  • Artist Tour

  • Visit a School

  • Taj Mahal

  • Jaipur

  • New Delhi

  • Khajuraho
  • Orchha
  • Bangalore

  • Language Speaking Guides

Or maybe you already have a unique experience in mind, and you just need a little help pulling it together.

Monu Tours India is here to help.