Welcome to Varanasi

Welcome to Varanasi, India. The oldest living city in the world, and the most holy city in all of India.
Thank you for taking the time to explore what lies ahead for you on your next trip to India.
At Monu Tours India we work very closely to give you the best trip of your life. We want you to see as much of India that you desire, and we want make sure that you are safe and have every opportunity to enjoy your trip to India.

If you are looking for a total India travel package, a Varanasi tour, Varanasi day trip, or private tours to the Golden Triangle, we have it all.
Monu Tours India also has a special service for solo female travelers as well as all female groups.

At Monu Tours India, we know that every person is different and every experience is different. We work to give you the unique experience that you are looking for.

Whether it’s a:

  • Sunrise or sunset boat ride on the Ganges
  • Walk along the Holy Ghats
  • Visit an Indian Village
  • Car Tour
  • Gourmet Tour
  • Guru Session
  • Yoga Class
  • Artist Tour
  • Visit a School
  • Taj Mahal
  • Jaipur
  • New Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Language Speaking Guides

Or maybe you already have a unique experience in mind, and you just need a little help pulling it together.

Monu Tours India is here to help.

With Monu Tours India, you have the flexibility to take advantage of one of our typical tours or you can also venture out a little further. What ever you want to do, we can help you at Monu Tours India.

How it works:
When you book a tour with Monu Tours India we do most of leg work to get the tour ready for you. Our international team located in the United States and in India will coordinate your itinerary and keep you informed before you even arrive. You tell us what you want to do, we plan it, we run it all by you, and when you approve, we set it up. Our tour team is located in the United States and in India, and we work together to coordinate all your details.

When you arrive in India, we can meet you at the airport or at your hotel. We can coordinate your Varanasi airport transportation if needed. If you have any questions about which is best, ask us. We know that whenever a person travels to a new country, there are safety concerns. We try to ensure that your trip will be enjoyable and safe so we take many precautions before we even get started. Monu has some of the most strict policies to ensure you and your loved ones never have to worry.
If you are adding a stop in Varanasi, or if you will be spending several days in Varanasi, we can take care of your tour guide needs. If your travels take you to the vast parts of India, Monu Tours India can accompany you for those trips as well. Some tourists love the idea of a private guide in India. It’s actually more affordable than you think. Please inquire about these services as we can assist with these needs as well.

What do you get:
Your fees create a relatively inclusive tour. Your India tour costs will be explained to you before you agree to our service. Your fees cover transportation costs if needed whether it be by car, tuk tuk, boat, train, air, or simply by foot. If there are entrance fees to any location, those will be covered. Sometimes speciality guides are needed to enter a specific site. Your fees cover these as well. All you really need to bring are your personal goods and an open spirit.